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Eric Heyde

Члены группы Balog: Balog
Группа в интернете: http://www.balog-sound.de

Дискография Balog:

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A short chronological outline: 1995 teenage frivolity of experimental sound-project D.O.G.. 1996 synth-experiments till total self-oscillation as Salvia Divinorum. 1997 member of the Odyssee 25 Kunstrguppe: performance, sound installations and pictures in the style of automatic writing. Balog in the throes. 1998 Balog delivered as brain-birth. Since 2000 collaborations with: MONOSTABIL - HighElecSin- Stab2 - Noize Electronix, Soundscapes. Mechlabor - experimental Radio - Collage, Silent Movie Scoring, Performance. SARDH - Industrial, Ambient, Drones, Installations, Klangmalerei, Muzak. Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf - Mirko Uhlig - Drones, Collage, Noize. P dot aka Pete Pester - Brainfucktekkno. Club Debil - Sunday Chillout Balog works on several levels: * 1. Live-Installations and performance * 2. Improvisations with the given environment * 3. Collaborations * 4. Radio improvisations * 5. DJ sets * 6. Studio productions and remixes * 7. Movie scoring

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