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Ray Phiri

Chikapa "Ray" Phiri

Также известно как: Chikapa, Chikapa "Ray", Chikapa "Ray" Phiri, R. Phiri, Ray Chipaka Phiri
Члены группы Ray Phiri: Jabu Sibumbe

Дискография Ray Phiri:

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Born in Hermansberg, near Nelspruit, South Africa, legendary guitarist [b]Ray Phiri[/b] founded popular soul band [b]The Cannibals[/b] in Johannesburg in 1972. When that group folded, he went on to launch [a=Stimela], a hugely successful mbaquanga/fusion outfit which released several platinum-selling albums and appeared on [a=Paul Simon]'s "Graceland" album and subsequent tours. Other than producing, playing, arranging and fronting Stimela as well as other artists, he also continued to work with Paul Simon and even managed to fall foul of the SABC's censorship politics of the time. Mr. Phiri is currently also chairperson of the Mpumalanga Arts Council.

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