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Steve New

Stephen Charles New

Также известно как: New, New, The, S. New

Дискография Steve New:

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Punk and New Wave musician, singer, composer and producer. Born 16 May 1960 in London, UK. Died 24 May 2010 in London, UK. Best known for his work in punk group [a=Rich Kids]. He was asked to audition for the [a=Sex Pistols] at the age of 15. Played with [a=Sid Vicious], [a=Public Image Limited], [a=Iggy Pop], [a=Chrissie Hynde], [a=Kim Fowley], and a solo [a=Glen Matlock]. Went on to produce music under his alias Stella Nova. The last 12 years of his life were occupied by his collaboration with Beatrice Brown, [a=Beastellabeast].

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