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Tanith Lanzillotta

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/tannoth

Дискография Tanith Lanzillotta:

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Vocalist, bass and guitar player born in 1990. Most of his life he has been based in Seattle, but now has relocated to Portland, Oregon. He is very active within the black metal scene, but also works on experimental material. He is co-founder of Forest of Grey and has also played with Hellgrammite and [a=Sol Negro]. As an improvisor, he has performed with his father [a=Eric Lanzillotta], [a=Dave Knott], [a=Stuart Dempster], [a=Pauline Oliveros], [a=Ivar Grydeland], [a=Ingar Zach], [a=Keith Rowe], and others. He also sat in with [a=Animist Orchestra] once. He was co-owner of the Dissonant Plane record store. His mother is [a=Danielle Sklar] and his grandfather is [a=Buddy Sklar].

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