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Poor, The

Skene, Julian "RV" Grynglas, Matt Whitby, "Honest" James Young

Также известно как: Poor Boys, Poor Boys, The
Члены группы Poor, The: James Young (6), Julian Grynglas, Matt Whitby, Skene

Дискография Poor, The:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Who Cares 11 audio iTunes 1994 Columbia
2 More Wine Waiter Please 3 audio iTunes 1994
3 Who Cares 11 audio iTunes 1994
4 Underfed 4 audio iTunes 1993
5 5 Tracks From Who Cares 10 audio iTunes 1994 Epic
6 Who Cares 11 audio iTunes 1994
7 Who Cares 11 audio iTunes 1994
8 More Wine Waiter Please 2 audio iTunes 1994
9 Who Cares 15 audio iTunes 2012-04-00 Bad Reputation

Australian Heavy Metal band, originally called [B][I]The Poor Boys[/B][/I] in 1992, the changed their name to [B][I]The Poor[/B][/I] when they discovery a similar band with the same name. With the release of the album [B][I]WHO CARES[/B][/I] in 1994, they toured the US with [B][I]The Scorpions[/B][/I] and with "Honest" James Young's uncles [B][I]Angus Young[/B][/I] and [B][I]Malcolm Young[/B][/I] from [B][I]AC/DC[/B][/I] on their 1996 US tour.

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