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Dick Dale

Richard Anthony Monsour

Также известно как: D. Dale, D.Dale, Dale, Dick
Группа в интернете: http://www.dickdale.com/

Дискография Dick Dale:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Mr. Eliminator 16 audio iTunes 2006 Hallmark Music & Entertainment
2 Calling Up Spirits 13 audio iTunes 1996-01-00
3 Tribal Thunder 12 audio iTunes 1993 Hightone Records
4 Unknown Territory 13 audio iTunes 1994 Hightone Records
5 Spacial Disorientation 16 audio iTunes 2001
6 Calling Up Spirits 13 audio iTunes 1996 Beggars Banquet
7 Pipeline 2 audio iTunes 1987 Columbia
8 Better Shred Than Dead - The Dick Dale Anthology 39 audio iTunes 1997 Rhino Records (2)
9 Wild Hot Rod Wails 10 audio iTunes 1964 Diplomat Records
10 The Tigers Loose 12 audio iTunes 1987 Balboa Records (2)
11 Calling Up Spirits 13 audio iTunes 1996 Beggars Banquet
12 The Silver Sounds Of The Surf 12 audio iTunes 1963 Cloister Records
13 The Tigers Loose 12 audio iTunes Rhino Records (2)
14 Conquer Your World! 17 audio iTunes 2011 Groovie Records
15 The World Of Surfin' 10 audio iTunes Almor Records
16 Hot Rod Drag Races 10 audio iTunes Almor Records
17 The Wedge / Night Rider 2 audio iTunes 1963 Capitol Records
18 Spacial Disorientation 16 audio iTunes 2003 The Theory Is Sound Project
19 King Of The Surf Guitar 14 audio iTunes 2012-00-00 RockBeat Records
20 Guitar Legend: The Very Best Of Dick Dale 16 audio iTunes 2010 Shout! Factory
21 The Surf Family 12 audio iTunes 1964 Dub Tone Record Co.
22 Dick Dale 20 audio iTunes 2002 Landy Star Music
23 At The Drags 14 audio iTunes 2012 RockBeat Records
24 Pipeline 2 audio iTunes 1987 CBS

Born May 4, 1937 in Massachusetts, Dick Dale helped pioneer the sounds of surf music and has been proclaimed "King of the Surf Guitar". Wanting his playing to reflect the sounds and feeling of surfing, Dale used staccato picking on heavy gauge strings and heavily reverbed amplification (although this was not present on his initial recordings), which he worked closely with Leo Fender to help develop. Dick is also a self-taught player, learning to play left-handed on a right-handed guitar without restringing the instrument (even today, he still plays with the guitar strung upside down). His playing often displays a Middle-Eastern influence which comes from his father's family (who is Lebanese). Dale started out playing around southern California with his backing band, the Del-Tones, in the late 1950s. [a=Dick Dale & His Del-Tones] became a popular attraction around southern California and Dick had appearances in a number of 1960's "beach" movies. Early records were released by Dick's father, [a=Jim Monsour] on the [l=Deltone Records] imprint. Dick later signed to Capital Records and issued for 4 studio LPs (there were frequent line up changes in the Deltones and the Capital LPs featured Dick backed by mostly studio musicians). A bout with rectal cancer forced Dick's retirement in 1965 but he returned in the 1970s', reviving the Del-Tone name for a time. He eventually dropped the Del-Tone name a released several solo albums in the 1990s and early 2000s. Although his studio output in the new millenium was sparse, Dick continued to perform live. In early 2008, Dick announced that his rectal cancer had returned and he was in the process of receiving treatment. He returned to touring work in 2009 and has toured up until the present day.

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