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Conor Guilfoyle

Дискография Conor Guilfoyle:

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Conor Guilfoyle is Ireland's leading contemporary jazz drummer. He studied at the Drummers collective in New York and with Marvin "Smitty" Smith in Banff in Canada. While living in New York he studied with one of the greatest exponents of Afro Cuban drumming - Frank Malabe. This helped to engender his love for Afro Cuban music and on his return to Ireland he formed the first in a series of groups which introduced the genre to Ireland. He has continued to lead his own salsa groups and has also worked extensively both in Ireland and abroad with a host of internationally renowned jazz artists such as Dave Liebman, John Abercrombie, Kenny Werner, Larry Coryell and Sonny Fortune. He is also Ireland's most distinguished drum teacher and has published two books on the subject and founded the Rock Steady drum school in Dublin. He is also brother to renowned bass guitarist [a=Ronan Guilfoyle] & Drum & Bass artist [a=DJ Dara]

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