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Todd Resnick

Также известно как: Todd

Дискография Todd Resnick:

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After performing on the turn tables for years locally in Los Angeles, Todd secured a position at 20th Century Fox Film in1994 as a sound effects editor working on films such as The X-Files, Brokedown Palace, There’s Something About Mary and others, where he learned many useful skills to progress technically and musically. His continued passion for studio life lead him and current partner Jesse Brooks to purchase the old Beastie Boys’ studio in Atwater Village, CA where the two quickly collaborated with famed San Francisco duo DJ Dave Coleman and Sen-Sei to develop The Atwater Syndicate. With numerous vinyl releases on Kinetic Grooves and a double pack release on Deep Dish’s prestigious label, Yoshitoshi Recordings due out in October 2003, and a track on the new Global Underground Toronto 4 CD package, he’ll most certainly be recognized for his skills in producing, and engineering. In addition, Todd works at the world renowned Cello Studios in Hollywood, CA alongside the likes of artists such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Muse, and The Mars Volta. He has also been a long time consultant for Emagic’s Logic Software teaching such musical icons as Eric Clapton, Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman (Prince and the Revolution and Scoring duo from Crossing Jordan). Todd has been considered a pioneer with his teaching methods and has been hired by the Musician’s Institute of Los Angeles, not only to develop a teaching curriculum for the University, but also to introduce electronic music as a core genre within the University’s teachings.

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