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Raul Chavez

Группа в интернете: http://www.facebook.com/rawteegridrecs, http://www.myspace.com/rawtee, http://www.gridrecordings.com, http://www.cymbalismrecordings.com, http://www.formationrecords.com, http://www.cia-records.com, http://www.promoaudiorecordings.com

Дискография Rawtee:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Ghostwalk / Surfer Rosa 2 audio iTunes 2004 Cymbalism
2 Rowdy / Vagabond 2 audio iTunes 2005-12-00 The World Of Drum & Bass
3 Jawbreaker 2 audio iTunes 2005-11-28 Type-New Music
4 Nausea / Pawn Shop 2 audio iTunes 2006 Fix
5 Too Much Wine / Decoded 2 audio iTunes 2004 Reformed Recordings
6 Jawbreaker 2 audio iTunes 2005 Type-New Music
7 Battery / Biscayne Boulevard 2 audio iTunes 2009 Nemesis Recordings (2)
8 Can't Get Enough / Throwing Stars 2 audio iTunes 2011 Grid Recordings
9 Battery / Biscayne Boulevard 2 audio iTunes 2009 Nemesis Recordings (2)
10 Neighbourhood Watch 2 audio iTunes 2011-09-22 Guinea Pig Records
11 Audio Juice / Steam Rolla 2 audio iTunes 2007 Fix
12 Can't Get Enough / Throwing Stars 2 audio iTunes Grid Recordings

By discovery of Dj SS in 2004 Rawtee has released blazing dancefloor productions for label favorites such as Reformed, Fix (withTotal Science), Nemesis (with Dj Silver of North Base), Advisory (with DJ Sappo) and The World of Drum and Bass. Performing as a DJ since 2003, he cut his teeth at the famous Miami Winter Music Conferences, presenting at various label nights such as, World of Drum and Bass, Metalheadz and the infamous after parties. He has performed alongside the scene's greats and pioneers - Grooverider, DJ SS, Twisted Individual, Bailey, A-sides, Cause 4 Concern, Dieselboy, Dara, AK1200, Capital J, R.A.W, Evol Intent, Infiltrata, Basic Operations, Gridlok and many more. Pendulum's support of the seminal track, "Inmate 305" began a buzz for the Miamian that lead to one of 2010's biggest releases (A Grooverider favorite). He signed exclusively to Twisted Individual's Grid Recordings imprint in 2011, following up with another smashing anthem, Can't Get Enough backed with the heavily caned Drumstep classic, Throwing stars. A BBC radio one favorite for several years, his dubplates are premiered on the popular UK station by talent such as Grooverider, Bailey, Crissy Criss, & L Double. A seasoned producer of multiple genres since his teens, dubstep became a part of his diet and his 140 productions have garnered support from the likes of, Benga, North Base, Jakes, Bukezt Finezt, Megalodon, Disonata, DJ SnipaZ, 50 Carrot, Crissy Criss, & D-Jahsta. His recent release as "Toppshelf" was premiered on Benga & Skream's Radio 1 show. Highlighted on the DJ Circuit since 2001 progressing from tech-step to more dancefloor oriented sounds, Rawtee has come a long way from his Miami roots. Catching his live sets are a testament to hardcore Drum and Bass with quick mixes, unreleased dubplates and nail biting double drops. Now located in Los Angeles, he has smashed the dance at events such as the long running Respect Thursdays, Timeless, I Love LA & Fresh. 2013 will see more output on the Grid brand including exclusive remixes and more of his signature vibe at his live presentations.

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