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Geert De Wilde

Geert de Wilde

Также известно как: de Wilde, G. De Wilde, G.De Wilde

Дискография Geert De Wilde:

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Electronic musician from Antwerpen (Belgium). He started his career with experimenting with pianos, radios and tapes and in 1990 he started his first band Tales Of Doom which produced dark EBM. In 1993 this act, which used only the KORG M1 synthesizer, changed his name to IC 434. Around 2000 he also started the electro / goa trance act Temesta which was later renamed into Pangea. When in 2003 Geert lost his inspiration with using only the KORG M1 he decided to rename his project Obedience. But Obedience failed about a year later. IC 434 however got more interest by fans and so Geert picked up this act again till now. He also leads a record label and mastering studio [l=Breakdown] and does some producing and mastering work.

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