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Salah Edin

Группа в интернете: http://www.salahedin.com

Дискография Salah Edin:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Horr 31 audio iTunes 2009-04-17 Universal Music
2 Nederlands Grootste Nachtmerrie 20 audio iTunes 2007 TopNotch
3 The Official Mixtape (Preview To The Album Horr) 19 audio iTunes 2006 Ringz & Partners Entertainment Group
4 Vrouwtje is een bitch 4 audio iTunes TopNotch

Salah Edin was born in the islamic year 1400. He is named after an Arabic ruler who lived in the 11th century who prefered to use his words and knowledge instead of violence and weapons to conquer his battles. In this present time his spirit still moves on in a form of a poet and street preacher, a rapper with a message to his community. Salah Edin was born and raised in this Doenia. His roots are in Morocco where he also lived for about 2 years. At a young age Salah started to write poetry, rhymes and lyrics. His love for hip hop music started in the islamic year 1411 when hip hop took over Europe, and it grew more and more. After a while Salah developed his own style of rapping. Not only his different kind of flow but also the language that he raps have never been done before on professional level. Salah is the first person in the hip hop music business who puts Arabic language hip hop on the map especially when it comes to the reality and controversy in his lyrics. He writes and raps about things that are happening in the Arabic community in Europe, people who are living in neither a western nor the Arabic society. Other topics are problems and situations in life, love and politics. Salah Edin has built up a name in his region. Lots of people don’t see him as a normal artist but more like a lyrical activist who tells it like it is. Hip hop music is also reaching the North African coast like Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and the middle east country's like Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Qatar, Jordan, U.A.E the only problem is that most of the people cannot understand the English or the French lyrics. That’s why Salah took the step to create a new form of hip hop and brought a new generation of hip hop music to the music business. On the musical side, the classical Arabic music samples mixed with heavy hip hop beats create a new sound. Influences are from different styles of arabic music, for example the classical cuts of the Egyptian classical music, or the Chaabi influences in some of the choruses, the heavy hip hop drums and snares mixed with Arabic lyrics and the raw and emotional voice of Salah. Salah Edin became known as the founder of 3rap, the sound and voice of urban arabia.

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