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Denis Blackham

Denis Blackham

Также известно как: Blackham, D B, D. Blackham, D.B., Dannis Blackham, DB, DB., Denis, Denis "Bilbo" Blackman, Denis 'Bilbo' Blackham, Denis (Bilbo) Blackham, Denis Blackam, Denis Blackburn, Denis Blackman, Dennis, Dennis (Bilbo) Blackham, Dennis Blackham, Dennis Blackhan, Dennis Blackman, Денис Блэкхем
Группа в интернете: http://www.skyemastering.com

Дискография Denis Blackham:

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Denis Blackham has been mastering music since joining [l=I.B.C. Studios] in 1969. For 27 years he cut vinyl, signing the dead wax as [a=BilBo (3)]. Some 45 releases have 'A Bilbo Boppa' etched. Since 1989, he has concentrated on CD mastering. After leaving I.B.C. in 1973, Denis worked for various companies including [l=Phonodisc Ltd.], [l=RCA Studios, London], The [l=Master Room] (1976-77), [l=Nimbus Records] (1977-78), [l=Tape One] (1978-89) and [l=Porky's Mastering]. In 1996 Denis started his own [l=Country Masters] facility at his Surrey home. In 2002 he moved to the Isle of Skye and changed his company name to [l=Skye Mastering]. In May 2014 Denis announced his retirement from mastering.

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