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Mario Tagliaferri

Mario Tagliaferri

Также известно как: "Wild Boy" Tagliaferri, "Wildboy" Tagliaferri, M. Tagliaferri, Mario "The Uncle" Tagliaferri, Mario "Wild Boy" Tagliaferri, Mario 'The Uncle' Tagliaferri, Tagliaferri, Tagliferri

Дискография Mario Tagliaferri:

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Italian dee-jay renowned and appreciated in the late 70s for his conductions in Radio RAI and for long tenure as director of RDS, FM radio in Rome, then network. In 1982 becomes deeply involved in editing & mixing of italo-disco tracks, but also in pop tunes by songwriters such as [a=Nino Buonocore] and [a=Antonello Venditti]. One of the most successful edit is [i]We Just[/i], b-side of [i]Our Revolution[/i] by [a=Moses (2)], released on [l=S.P.Q.R.] by [a=Claudio Casalini] & worldwide licensed. Other important work is in 1985 [i]Black & White[/i] by [a=Bandeaux], co-produced with the arranger [a=Romano Musumarra] who wrote the tune with [a=Gazebo]. Mario is the uncle of the famous club-dj [a=Stefano Gamma].

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