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Dave Fielding

Также известно как: Dave, David Fielding, Fielding

Дискография Dave Fielding:

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Dave Fielding was born the 11th November of 1959 in Middleton North Manchester. He started at a very early age [14 years old] his first band along with other 4 friends from Hollin and Mooreclose High School. Their names were Gedge, Kevin Rossbottom and Chris Seddon, and collectively they were known as SEN. There are 3 cassettes tapes recorded with the titles: 'Sennies from Heaven', 'A man called Sen' and ' Sen the Bucaneer'. Gedge later went to Leeds and formed The Wedding Present. Dave move on to Years with his old mate Reg Smithies, whom he had known since nursery school, and became his gifted and talented guitarist partner for the next 25 years. Christopher John Seddon was the drummer & singer. As Dave has stated they basically started out playing covers of other 70's bands like The Rolling Stones, Jimmy Hendrix, Yes, Genesis etc.., when everybody else was getting into The Clash and The Sex Pistols on the early days of Punk, he was very influenced by his old brother.

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