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Kevin Murphy

Также известно как: Murphy
Группа в интернете: http://gavinfriday.com/archive/people/kevin-murphy/

Дискография Kevin Murphy:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл

Cello player [b]Please consider using other artists' profiles with the same name for your credits[/b] [b][a=Kevin Murphy (2)][/b]: Keyboardist - songwriter - member of [a=American Breed, The], [a=Rufus], [a=Rufus & Chaka Khan] [b][a=Kevin Murphy (3)][/b]: Rock drummer with [a=Sid Presley Experience, The] and [a=Unholy Trinity, The (2)] active since the mid 80's [b][a=Kevin Murphy (4)][/b]: Punk rock guitarist - singer - songwriter - member of [a=411 (2)], [a=Farside] and [a=Triggerman] [b][a=Kevin Murphy (5)][/b]: Avant garde - drone musician, the man behind the project [a=Jack Bohlen Book Club, The], credited since 2007 [b][a=Kevin Murphy (6)][/b]: Blues rock - roots rock guitarist - singer - member of [a=Malingerers, The], [a=Pleasure Heads, The] and [a=Surgens, The] [b][a=Kevin Murphy (7)][/b]: Australian session drummer, has played since the early 90's with [a=Peter Cupples Band, The], [a=Tommy Emmanuel], [a=Little River Band] etc. [b][a=Kevin Murphy (8)][/b]: Trance dj - producer, member of the duo [a=Tucandeo] and [a=Storyline] [b][a=Kevin Murphy (9)][/b]: Australian rock drummer, active in the garage scene from mid 60's to the 70's, member of [a=Billy Thorpe And The Aztecs], [a=Mighty Mouse (4)], [a=Wild Cherries, The] [b][a=Kevin Murphy (10)][/b]: Clarinet player [b][a=Kevin Murphy (11)][/b]: Designer - illustrator [b][a=Kevin Murphy (12)][/b]: Credited for songwriting in a mid-60's soul release of [a=Circus, The (4)] [b][a=Kevin Murphy (13)][/b]: Bassist with the folk rockers [a=Leafblade], active since the mid-00's [b][a=Kevin Murphy (14)][/b]: Nashville session drummer, has played with [a=Randy Houser], [a=Jimmie's Chicken Shack], [a=Tonic (2)], active in the 00's [b][a=Kevin Murphy (15)][/b]: Credited for tin whistle in a 2013 release of punk rockers [a=Street Dogs] [b][a=Kevin Murphy (16)][/b]: Guitarist - vocalist - songwriter with the U.S. rockers [a=Moondoggies, The], active since 2010 [b][a=Kevin Murphy (17)][/b]: Guitarist - Banjo player, credited for a 1997 folk release of [a=Alistair Gillies] [b][a=Kevin Murphy (18)][/b]: Trumpet player, member of [a=David Barnes (6)]'s band [b][a=Kevin Murphy (19)][/b]: Actor - TV writer - author, member of [a=Mystery Science Theater 3000] [b][a=Kevin Murphy (20)][/b]: Canadian musician, member of [a=Singing Fools, The], active in the 80's [b][a=Kevin Murphy (21)][/b]: Guitarist - vocalist - memebr of [a=Improbables, The]

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