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Aimé Dontigny

Также известно как: A Dontigny, Dontigny

Дискография A_Dontigny:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Télépathie 4 audio iTunes 2003 No Type
2 Jammage 5 audio iTunes 2004 BricoLodge
3 Sine Fiction Vol.I) We 4 audio iTunes 2000-11-17
4 On Est 7 Millions, Faut S'sampler! 21 audio iTunes 2002 Déluge
5 Matin Du Nevada 4 audio iTunes 2001-06-27 No Type
6 Electromagressive Butoh 9 audio iTunes 1999
7 Sine Fiction Vol.IX) The Ticket That Exploded 10 audio iTunes 2003-10-05 Sine Fiction
8 Sine Fiction Vol.XVIII) Lies, Inc. 8 audio iTunes 2007-03-17 Sine Fiction
9 Duophone 6 audio iTunes 2004-01-03 Annexe
10 SK 6 audio iTunes 2010-01-03 Annexe
11 Manifestator De Maximo Sonore 6 audio iTunes 2004-01-03 Annexe

A self-taught composer, Aimé Dontigny is one of the founding members of the “free-noise” collective Napalm Jazz (Free transgénique, 1998) and of the electronic duo morceaux_de_machines (liberum arbitrium, 2002). For the last years, he has been working for Montréal labels No Type, empreintes DIGITALes and Ambiances Magnétiques. He devotes himself eagerly to the challenges of improvised music and is particularly interested in the development of new electronic music in Canada. His compositions are full of subtle quotes and his sonic palette adapts itself to many aesthetics, as reflected in his recent collaborations with Diane Labrosse (Télépathie, 2002), Paul Dolden and Chantal Dumas (Duophone, 2003).

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