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Thomas Andre McCollum (Mr. Lo-Key), Barry Dean Ware (O.C.)

Также известно как: Hoodlumz, The
Члены группы Hoodlumz: Low Key (5), Mr. Lo-Key, O.C. (5)

Дискография Hoodlumz:

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The Hoodlumz are a Southern rap group from Houston, Texas. The group were originally named The Scientists and appeared on several local hip-hop albums, working with [a=Crazy C], [a=Tela], [a=Big Mello], [a=Eightball & M.J.G.], [a=Tela], and others. The Scientists were signed to [l=Suave House] in 1995 and two years later landed a deal with [l=Rap-A-Lot Records], appearing on the critically-acclaimed [r=432322]. Currently group member Mr. [a=Low Key (5)] has ventured off to release music additional music as a solo artist.

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