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Ms. Flawless

Shandralia Alexander

Также известно как: Flawless, Ms Flawless

Дискография Ms. Flawless:

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Flawless, Ms. Flawless, The Lawless Ms. Flawless is a female rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. She first appeared in the Atlanta underground music scene, in her early teens. She started out as a DJ in the "hood" hosting parties for family and friends and things just grew from there. It wasn't long before she began to focus her life, writing lyrics, perfecting her flow and image until she became "FLAWLESS". During her time in the business Flawless has performed with some of the industry`s most talented artists including Atlanta`s own Ludacris,The Dungeon Family, 8Ball, Lil Whayne, Turk, Manny Fresh, and crazy hit man Sammy Sam.

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