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Leigh Harline

Leigh Adrian Harline

Также известно как: Harlind, Harline, Harling, L Harline, L. Hairline, L. Harlet, L. Harlien, L. Harlin, L. Harline, Lee Harline, Leigh Arline, Leigh Harlin, Leigh Herline, Leigh-Harline, Leigh/Harline, Leogh Harline
Группа в интернете: http://legends.disney.go.com/legends/detail?key=Leigh+Harline

Дискография Leigh Harline:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Walt Disney's Pinocchio (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 25 audio iTunes 1992 Pickwick Music
2 Dangerous Crossing / Pickup On South Street 24 audio iTunes 2009 Intrada
3 Warlock / Violent Saturday 31 audio iTunes 2005 Intrada
4 These Thousand Hills / The Proud Ones 27 audio iTunes 2010 Intrada
5 What Price Glory / Fixed Bayonets / The Desert Rats 29 audio iTunes 2009 Intrada
6 The Enemy Below 20 audio iTunes 2004 Intrada
7 House Of Bamboo 23 audio iTunes 2006 Intrada
8 The True Story Of Jesse James / The Last Wagon 10 audio iTunes 2009 Intrada
9 The Girl In The Red Velvet Swing / The St. Valentine's Day Massacre 20 audio iTunes 2009 Intrada
10 Good Morning, Miss Dove! / Black Widow 22 audio iTunes 2009 Intrada
11 The House On Telegraph Hill / 10 North Frederick 29 audio iTunes 2011 Intrada
12 Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs 7 audio iTunes Disneyland

Leigh Harline (March 26, 1907 – December 10, 1969) was an American award-winning film composer. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Harline worked for various radio stations before joining the Walt Disney Studios in 1932 as arranger and scorer, and won an Academy Award for the song "When You Wish Upon a Star" from Disney's Pinocchio (1940) which would later become Disney's signature theme for his TV series. A graduate of the University of Utah, Harline was a musical director for local Los Angeles radio when he was hired by [a=Walt Disney] to score the Silly Symphonies cartoon series in the 1930s. With [a=Frank Churchill], [a=Larry Morey], and [a=Paul J. Smith], Harline was responsible for such Disney-film tunes as "I'm Wishing," "Whistle While You Work," "Heigh Ho" and "Some Day My Prince Will Come." Disney retained Harline's services for his next cartoon feature, Pinocchio (1939) which would lead to his Oscar win. Harline left Disney in 1941 to compose for other studios (among his more memorable projects was the Hope-Crosby comedy Road to Utopia [1945]).

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