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Rodgers Grant

Rodgers Lee Grant

Также известно как: G. Rodgers, G. Rogers, Grand, Grant, Grant Rodgers, Grant Rogers, L. Rodgers, Lee Grant, R Grant, R. Grant, R.L. Grant, Rodger Grant, Rodgers Grant / ロジャース・グラント, Rodgers Lee Grant, Roger Grant, Rogers Grant

Дискография Rodgers Grant:

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American jazz pianist, composer and lyricist. Pianist in the '60s for [a79342]'s band, with whom he recorded "Yeh-Yeh!", an instrumental he co-wrote with [a=Pat Patrick]. (The work later had lyrics added & recorded by [a=Jon Hendricks] in 1963 - eventually becoming an international hit by [a=Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames] as "Yeah, Yeah"). [See also [l=Mongo Music]] Grant's compositions have been covered by a multitude of jazz artists, including [a=Hubert Laws], [a145256] and [a=Stan Getz] to name a few. [b]Born:[/b] 18 January 1936 [b]Died:[/b] 12 April 2012, Defiance, Ohio, USA.

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