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Steve Mac (2)

Steve McCutcheon

Также известно как: Mac, McCutcheon, S Mac, S. Mac, S. Mc Cullough, S. McCutcheon, S.Mac, Steve & Mac, Steve E Mac, Steve E. Mac, Steve Mack, Steven Mc Cutcheon, Stevie Mac
Группа в интернете: http://www.resolutionmag.com/pdfs/INTERV~1/STEVEMAC.PDF, http://www.hitquarters.com/index.php3?page=intrview/opar/intrview_Steve_Mac_Interview.html

Дискография Steve Mac (2):

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British pop producer/songwriter and owner of the [l=Rokstone Studios] in London, United Kingdom. He mainly does ballads and has been responsible for more than 20 UK number-one hits and songs by bands like [a=Undercover] (as ''behind the scenes'' producer), [a=A1], [a=Boyzone], [a=Westlife], [a=Five], [a=Ronan Keating], [a=Wanted, The (5)], and [a=Saturdays, The]. Nevertheless he keeps a low profile and does not seek out the media's attention.

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