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Freddie Slack

Frederick Charles Slack.

Также известно как: Black, F. Slack, F. Slak, Fred Slack, Freddie Slak, Freddie Stacks, Freddy Slack, Slack, Slacks

Дискография Freddie Slack:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 The Hits Of 12 audio iTunes 1962 Capitol Records
2 Freddie Slack’s Boogie Woogie 8 audio iTunes Capitol Records
3 Mister Freddie's Boogie 2 audio iTunes 1948 Capitol Records
4 Beat Me Daddy (Eight To The Bar) 2 audio iTunes Columbia
5 Boogie Woogie (On The 88 By The Great Freddie Slack) 12 audio iTunes 1955 Emarcy
6 Rockin' Brew 14 audio iTunes 1969 Ember Records
7 Freddie Slack's Boogie Woogie 4 audio iTunes Capitol Records
8 Rockin' The Boogie / Pig Foot Pete 4 audio iTunes 1961 Mercury
9 Boogie Woogie (On The 88 By The Great Freddie Slack) 12 audio iTunes 1955
10 Boogie Woogie (On The 88 By The Great Freddie Slack - ReReleased) 12 audio iTunes 1988 Official
11 For Dancers Only 4 audio iTunes Mercury
12 Freddie Slack's Boogie Woogie 2 audio iTunes Capitol Records

American jazz pianist and bandleader. Born : August 07, 1910 in Westby, Wisconsin. Died : August 10, 1965 in Hollywood, California. Played with : Ben Pollack (1934-'36), Jimmy Dorsey (1936-'39), Will Bradley (1939-'41), Big Joe Turner, Johnny Mercer, Margaret Whiting and others. In 1942 he formed his own big band which recorded for Capitol Records until 1947, later moved to California, recorded in 1955, with a small group, an album for EmArcy.

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