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Lloyd Ulyate

Lloyd Ulyate

Также известно как: George Ulyate, Lloyd E. Ulyate, Lloyd Ulate, Lloyd Ulgate

Дискография Lloyd Ulyate:

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American trombonist, born 1927, died 2004, who has worked in Hollywood for many years. Has worked for David Rose, Nelson Riddle, Billy May, Henry Mancini, Percy Faith, Jerry Fielding, Max Steiner, Alfred Newman, John Williams, Victor Young, Jerry Goldsmith, Bernard Hermann, Elmer Bernstein, Franz Waxman, Igor Stravinsky, and more. Some of the movies he has worked on include Jaws, Star Trek, E.T., West Side Story, Close Encounters, Dick Tracy, My Fair Lady, Twister, Around the World in 80 Days.

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