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John Van Katwijk

John C. van Katwijk

Также известно как: J. v. Katwijk, J. van Katwijk, J.C. van Katwijk, J.V. Katwijk, J.van Katwijk, John v. Katwijk, John van Katwijk, John van Katwijk & Bas Van Den Heuvel, Katwijk, v. Katwijk, Van Katwijk

Дискография John Van Katwijk:

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Dutch singer, composer, arranger, producer and artist manager. Born in Rotterdam ( 8-8-1951). His career started in the band "Christie Lane", where he was the lead singer. After the lack of success he became an artist manager and started to write songs. He worked very closely with [a=Patricia Paay], [a=René Froger], [a=Anita Meyer] and more recently [a=Glennis Grace].

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