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Christopher DeLaurenti

Christopher DeLaurenti

Также известно как: CD, Chris DeLaurenti, Christophe De Laurenti, Christopher De Laurenti, Christopher Delaurent
Группа в интернете: http://www.delaurenti.net/

Дискография Christopher DeLaurenti:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 The Night I Met Maria C___ 2 audio iTunes 2003-06-24 Locust Music
2 57 Minutes To Silence 8 audio iTunes 2002 Electroshock Records
3 Favorite Intermissions: Music Before & Between Beethoven-Holst-Stravinsky 6 audio iTunes 2007 GD Stereo
4 Sand Point Sound Gazetteer 98 audio iTunes 2003 Sand Point Arts and Cultural Exchange
5 N30: Live at the WTO Protest November 30, 1999 3 audio iTunes 2000 unAmerican Archive
6 Live In New York At The Republican National Convention Protest 2 audio iTunes 2005
7 Favorite Intermissions (Music Before And Between Beethoven · Stravinsky · Holst) 6 audio iTunes 2008 GD Stereo
8 Wallingford Food Bank 5 audio iTunes 2008-10-01 Public Record
9 Heavy Analog Electronics Vol. I 4 audio iTunes 2010-08-00 Banned Production
10 Of Silences Intemporally Sung: Luigi Nono's Fragmente-stille, An Diotima 2 audio iTunes 2011 Reductive
11 Northwest Triptych: New Music For Orchestra 3 audio iTunes 2000 Present Sounds Recordings
12 In Resonance 9 audio iTunes 2005 Henry Art Gallery
13 In Resonance 9 audio iTunes 2005 Henry Art Gallery

Christopher DeLaurenti is a Seattle based composer, improvisor, and phonographer. He also writes a regular column on classical, jazz and experimental music for the weekly paper The Stranger.

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