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Isidro De Sanlucar

Isidro Muñoz Alcón

Также известно как: Isidro, Isidro De Sanlúcar, Isidro Sanlúcar, Isidro Sanlucar, Tomatito

Дискография Isidro De Sanlucar:

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Isidro Muñoz Alcon was born in Sanlucar de Barrameda in 1952. Son of veteran maestro of the same name (Isidro Sanlucar) and brother to [a=Manolo Sanlúcar] and [a=José Miguel Evoras], Isidro began working in Madrid's tablao "Las Brujas". He has also accompanied his brother Manolo on almost all the tours and recording projects. However, the great value of Isidro Sanlucar is in the filed of production and composition. He is the creator of the style of groups of Sevillanas like Salmarina, Los Doñana or Las Carlotas. His first major production in the flamenco section was made for El Pele in "La fuente de lo jondo" with the guitar of [a=Vicente Amigo]. He has also written lyrics for Las Grecas, Remedios Amaya, Gracia Montes, Azúcar Moreno or Camarón. He also collaborated with [a=Enrique Morente] in his "Omega" project and at Estrella's first album. Currently his major contributions were for [a=José Mercé], for whom he produced in 2001 "Aire" and for Macanita.

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