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Lennie Hayton

Leonard George Hayton

Также известно как: Hayton, L. Hayton, Lenny Hayton

Дискография Lennie Hayton:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Singin' In The Rain / All I Do Is Dream Of You / All I Do Is Dream Of You 2 audio iTunes MGM Records
2 Singin' In The Rain 2 audio iTunes 1952-12-00 MGM Records
3 Slaughter On Tenth Avenue 2 audio iTunes MGM Records
4 Who / Look For The Silver Lining 2 audio iTunes MGM Records
5 Where Or When / The Lady Is A Tramp 2 audio iTunes 1952 MGM Records
6 Slaughter On Tenth Avenue 2 audio iTunes 1951 MGM Records
7 Singin' In The Rain - The Original MGM Sound Track Album 9 audio iTunes Metro Records

Jewish American composer, conductor, arranger and pianist. b. February 13, 1908 (New York, NY, USA) d. April 24, 1971 (Palm Springs, CA, USA) Starting out as a jazz pianist, he played with [a=Spencer Clark (2)] in the Little Ramblers ('26), Cass Hagen ('27), and [a=Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra] ('28-30). He also appeared on a number of recordings due this time with musicians such as [a=Frankie Trumbauer], [a=Bix Beiderbecke], [a=Red Nichols], and [a=Joe Venuti]. During the '30s he was musical director of [a=Bing Crosby]'s radio show and led his own orchestra. He went on to be musical director at MGM Studios, Hollywood ('40-53) and for [a=Lena Horne] ('50s & '60s), who he married in '47.

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