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Tom Washington

Thomas Washington

Также известно как: "Tom Tom" Washington, "Torn" Washington, 'Tom Tom' Washington, (Tom Tom) Thomas Washington, (Tom Tom) Washington, T. Washington, T.T. Washington, Thomas "Tom Tom 99" Washington, Thomas "Tom Tom" Washington, Thomas (Tom Tom) Washington, Thomas (Tom-Tom 84) Washington, Thomas C. Washington, Thomas C. Washington "Tom Tom 84", Thomas C. Washington (Tom Tom "84"), Thomas Washington, Tom, Tom (84) Washington, Tom C. Washington, Tom Tom, Tom Tom 84 Washington, Tom Tom Washington, Tom Washington (Tom Tom "84"), Tom-Tom, Tom-Tom Washington

Дискография Tom Washington:

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American pianist, arranger and producer, born: 1944 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Tom Washington was raised in the Ida B. Wells projects on Chicago's South Side. He first played drums, then keyboards, and then became an arranger after receiving formal music training from [a=James Mack] at Crane Junior College. One of his assignments was as main arranger for [l=Brunswick], and in later years for other artists and projects. [b]Note: Please add all the variations with only "Tom Tom" (and without "Washington") to [a=Tom Tom 84], and add all the name variations with only "Washington" to this profile.[/b]

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