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Joel Eckhaus

Joel Eckhaus

Также известно как: Joel Eckhouse
Группа в интернете: http://www.earnestinstruments.com/earnest-instruments-joel-eckhaus/

Дискография Joel Eckhaus:

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Luthier, owner of Earnest Instruments. He also plays mandolin, tenor guitar and banjo, ukulele, and musical saw. He was a founding member of the Arm and Hammer String Band, and has performed with the New York Banjo Ensemble, the Howitzer Mandolin Orchestra, the Neverly Brothers, the Blue Sky Serenaders, the New England New Vaudeville Review and the Pinetones among others. He currently plays with the ukabilly duo Dos Eckies; a ukulele/tap dance duo, Ham & Legs; and his own group, Ukulele Eck and the Fabulous Lacklusters.

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