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Члены группы VD: Joost Renders

Дискография VD:

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VD = "Volle Dröhnung" (Full Throttle), early German punk band from the Düsseldorf area, fronted by the editor of punk fanzine "Schmier" (Smear), [a=Joost Schroeder] AKA Renders. Described by German "Sounds" magazine as "the German Undertones". Founded in December 1978 as "[a=Miniscos]", played the Antifascist Fastival in Berlin (September 1979). Name change to "VD" in 1980 and appearance on the "[l=Schallmauer]" compilation. Attempts to record an EP for the Schallmauer label in October 1980 had to be abandoned. After many line up changes the band split in late 1981. Joost Schroeder and guitarist [a=Eric Hackenberg] formed a new band [a=Luzibär], while the other two reportedly went on to form a rockabilly band.

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