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Bob Fisher

Bob Fisher

Также известно как: Bob "Mr. Crossfade" Fisher
Группа в интернете: http://www.bobfisher.com/, http://www.HouseOfGrooves.com, http://www.HouseOfGroovesRadio.com

Дискография Bob Fisher:

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American producer, recording artist and mastering engineer. John Philip Sousa Award winning musician, touring and recording with many soul and funk acts, notably Stax artist Johnnie Taylor and Capitol artists Colorblind. Became a reissue producer and mastering engineer for Rhino, EMI, Warner Bros., GNP Crescendo, Concord Music, Collector's Choice, Shout! Entertainment and Gene Autry Entertainment. [b]Six-Time Grammy Nominee[/b] with over 2,000 credits. President of Pacific Multimedia Corp., [url=http://www.HouseOfGrooves.com]House Of Grooves[/url] label & store, [url=http://www.houseofgroovesradio.com]House Of Grooves Radio[/url] and is Funk Historian and House Of Grooves personality "Uncle" Buster Greaves.

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