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Mike Lang

Michael A. Lang

Также известно как: Jim Lang, Lang, M. Lang, Michael A. Lang, Michael Lang, Mike Land
Группа в интернете: http://www.lastudiomusicians.info/mikelang.htm, http://www.catalinajazzclub.com/lang.htm

Дискография Mike Lang:

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Mike Lang is an American pianist and composer. He received a Bachelor of Music at the University of Michigan. In addition, he has studied under [a=Leonard Stein] (piano) and [b]George Tremblay[/b] (composition). In Los Angeles, he studied with [a=Pearl Kaufman] and [a=Lalo Schifrin], and commenced a freelance recording career in records, motion pictures and television. He is conversant with every possible music idiom and form, including jazz, classical, pop and R&B and has played with a great amount of artists including [a=Ray Charles], [a=Natalie Cole], [a=Ella Fitzgerald], [a=Aretha Franklin], [a=Marvin Gaye], [a=Vince Gill], [a=*NSYNC], [a=Milt Jackson], [a=Lee Konitz], [a=Diana Krall], [a=John Lennon], [a=Arturo Sandoval], [a=Barbra Streisand] and [a=Frank Zappa] - to mention a few. He has recorded more than 2000 scores, working with virtually every film composer including [a=John Williams (4)], [a=Jerry Goldsmith], [a=James Newton Howard], [a=Henry Mancini], [a=Elmer Bernstein] and [a=Hans Zimmer]. He has premiered jazz piano concerts written especially for him by [a=Byron Olson] and [a=Brad Dechter]. He has written songs for jazz notables including [a=Stan Getz], [a=Fourplay], [a=Lee Ritenour] and [a=Dave Grusin], [a=Herb Alpert], and others.

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