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Never The Bride

Члены группы Never The Bride: Catherine Feeney, Nikki Lamborn
Группа в интернете: http://www.neverthebride.com, http://www.twitter.com/neverthebrideuk, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Never-The-Bride/35511129783, http://www.myspace.com/neverthebrideuk, http://www.youtube.com/neverthebrideuk

Дискография Never The Bride:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Loser In Love 3 audio iTunes 1995
2 Never The Bride 13 audio iTunes 1995
3 Never The Bride 13 audio iTunes 1995 Atlantic

Rock's Best Kept Secret Never the Bride's Nikki Lamborn and Catherine Feeney first met on stage at a jam session in a London pub. Instant rapport and a similar taste in music and direction, lead to more jamming before Nikki from Bristol and Catherine, better known as Been, from Glasgow, formed a song writing collaboration. Nikki commuted to write, gig and busk in Covent Garden. Never the Bride was born and the duo built up a core following around the capital. Their live reputation went from strength to strength and big support slots followed from The Who, ZZ TOP and The Pretenders. After successfully supporting The Who, a personal call from Roger Daltrey lead to Nikki and Been joining Daltrey, Alice Cooper, Paul Rodgers, Peter Frampton and a few more rock gods on The British Rock Symphony Tour. The band toured the UK, Europe and Australia with the Orchestra, making a huge impression with their interpretation of Led Zeppelin's Kashmir and Stairway to Heaven. Their first performance at The Royal Albert Hall is a key moment in Nikki and Beens' lives. Roger held up both their arms and said to the audience who were going crazy, "What d'ya reckon then? Nikki Lamborn has the best female rock voice since Janis Joplin and I know what I'm talking about, I knew Janis." "After The Rock Symphony Tour ended in Australia, we decided to stay awhile and write some songs," explains Been. "We did a Thelma and Louise, rented a car and drove across the country drinking tequila in small bottles. "The money had run out by the time we reached Sydney, but luckily it was around the time of The Olympics and there were lots of people to entertain. Our busking skills paid for the song-writing trip and some of those songs are on our latest album, Surprise!" Nikki's powerful presence and strong vocals has been described as Tina Turner and Robert Plant rolled into one. Her incredible voice came under the spotlight while coaching a Cambridge choir girl in the ways of rock for Channel 4's Faking It series. Been, keyboard player and occasional guitarist, is the main composer behind the songs that together with Nikki's voice, make Never the Bride unique. Other band members include Murray Gould on guitar, who has played with Elton John, Dido and Faithless, and David Levy on bass, who has backed Rory Gallagher and Bonnie Tyler amongst others. Drummer Richie Newman's previous gigs have included Steve Marriott, Rory Gallagher, Alvin Lee and Sam Brown. As a response to their growing fanbase worldwide, the band have recorded a DVD rockumentary, entitled For Richer For Poorer, highlighting life for a rock band on the road both at home and abroad. The band are playing selected dates across the UK.

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