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Philip Smart

Также известно как: P Smart, P. Smart, P. Smarty, Phil Smart, Philip, Philip (HCF) Smart, Phillip, Phillip Smart, Phillp Smart, Prince Philip Smart, Prince Phillips

Дискография Philip Smart:

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(9 April 1960 Kingston, Jamaica - 25 February 2014 New York) Philip Smart started his career as an engineer at [a=King Tubby]'s Studio in Kingston, But moved to New York in 1976 to open the [l=HC&F Studio]. Many of the post "Sleng Teng" computer generated riddims were laid here, as were many of the hits that broke dancehall into the music mainstream, such as [a=Shabba Ranks]"Mr Loverman", [a=Super Cat (2)]'s "Don Dada" and of course [a=Shaggy]'s version of "Oh Carolina". He also ran the label [l=Tan-Yah].

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