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Denis Ingoldsby

Denis Noel Ingoldsby

Также известно как: D Ingoldsby, D. Ingoldsby, Denis Ingodsby, Denis Noel Ingoldsby, Dennis Ingoldsby, Ingoldsby, Noel

Дискография Denis Ingoldsby:

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Denis Ingoldsby, along with Oliver Smallman, were the founders/owners of First Avenue Management and [l=1st Avenue] Records. Denis (along with Ollie) signed acts such [a=Quartz (2)] (via [l=Vertigo]), [a=Eternal (2)] and [a=Louise] (via [l=EMI]), [a=Bad Boys Inc.] (via [l=A&M Records]), [a=Michelle Gayle] (via [l=RCA]), [a=Alysha Warren] (via [l=Wildcard]), [a=MN8] (via [l=Columbia Records]), [a=Dina Carroll] (first via [l=A&M Records], then [l=Mercury]), [a=Kele Le Roc] (via [l=Wildcard]), and many others. In addition to First Avenue, Denis and Ollie also created an imprint with [l=Arista Records] UK, called [l=Final Vinyl (2)]. Some of the acts Denis and Ollie signed to Final Vinyl were The [a=Nightcrawlers] (feat. [a=John Reid]) and [a=Those 2 Girls].

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