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Tower Of Power Horn Section

Также известно как: "Tower Of Power", "Tower Of Power" Horn Section, Friggenheimer 451 Tower Of Power Horns, Tower Of Power, Tower Of Power Brass, Tower Of Power Horn, Tower Of Power Horn Section, The, Tower Of Power Horns, Tower Of Power Horns Section, The, Tower Of Power Horns, The, Tower Of Power Section
Члены группы Tower Of Power Horn Section: David Mann, Emilio Castillo, Greg Adams, Lee Thornburg, Mic Gillette, Stephen Kupka, Steve Grove
Группа в интернете: http://www.towerofpower.com/discography/hornsection/

Дискография Tower Of Power Horn Section:

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The [a=Tower Of Power] horn section has gained renown as a separate entity to much critical acclaim. They have appeared on a goodly number of other artists' recordings, including one of the most highly regarded early live albums: a performance with [a=Little Feat] in 1977, one of the three inaugural acts to perform at the newly-opened Rockpalast studios on the song, "Rocket in my Pocket". Other performers supported by the Tower of Power horns include [a=Monkees, The], [a=Santana], [a=Elkie Brooks], [a=Cat Stevens] (on his Foreigner Suite), [a=Elton John], [a=Linda Lewis], rad. (Rose Ann Dimalanta), [a=John Lee Hooker], [a=Rufus], [a=Rod Stewart], [a=Jefferson Starship], [a=Mickey Hart], [a=Heart], [a=Huey Lewis & the News], [a=Spyro Gyra], [a=KMFDM], [a=Lyle Lovett], [a=Poison], [a=Phish], [a=Toto], [a=Pharoahe Monch], [a=Brothers Johnson], and [a=Aerosmith], among many other acts.

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