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Carl Griffin

Дискография Carl Griffin:

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Senior entertainment and music executive - label head - A&R director - Producer - Mixing Engineer Has over 35 years of experience. Three-time Grammy Award-winning producer for [a=Arturo Sandoval]'s "Rumba Palace" and "Hot House" and [a=B.B. King]'s "Live at the Apollo". He has a proven track record in sales, marketing, and profitability, and has been responsible for six #1 singles on smooth jazz radio. He signed or produced numerous outstanding new jazz artists, including [a=Diana Krall], [a=Jane Monheit], [a=Arturo Sandoval], [a=Ramsey Lewis], [a=Jonathan Butler], [a=Ronnie Dunn] and [a=Evelyn King]. As director for East Coast Music Operations, Jobette Music/Motown Records, he was actively involved in the artistic activities of [a=Marvin Gaye], [a=Stevie Wonder] and [a=David Ruffin].

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