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Boswell Sisters, The

Также известно как: Boswell Sisters, Three Boswell Sisters, The
Члены группы Boswell Sisters, The: Connie Boswell, Helvetia Boswell, Martha Boswell
Группа в интернете: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boswell_Sisters, http://www.bozzies.org, http://theboswellsisters.com/

Дискография Boswell Sisters, The:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 L'Art Vocal Volume 13: The Boswell Sisters 1930-1936 22 audio iTunes 1994-00-00 L'Art Vocal
2 That's How Rhythm Was Born 20 audio iTunes 1995-00-00
3 Airshots And Rarities: 1930 - 1935 26 audio iTunes 1997-00-00 Retrieval
4 It's You 22 audio iTunes 1996-00-00 Flapper
5 The Boswell Sisters 30 audio iTunes 1982
6 Don't Let Your Love Go Wrong / Why Don't You Practice What You Preach 2 audio iTunes 1933 Brunswick
7 The Ultimate Jazz Archive - Vocalists 87 audio iTunes 2005 Membran
8 Bei Mir Bist Du Schön 40 audio iTunes History
9 The Boswell Sisters 1932-34 14 audio iTunes 1972 Biograph Records
10 Lawd, You Made The Night Too Long / Jazz Nocturne 2 audio iTunes Brunswick
11 Sweet Harmony - Hot Rhythm 16 audio iTunes 1975 Vocalion (3)
12 Star Dust / I Surrender, Dear 2 audio iTunes Brunswick
13 Volume Two 1930-1935 12 audio iTunes 1984 Biograph Records
14 The Best Of The Boswell Sisters 20 audio iTunes 2005 Chestnut Music Traders Ltd.
15 Got The South In My Soul / If It Ain't Love 2 audio iTunes 1932 Brunswick
16 St. Louis Blues 14 audio iTunes 1974 Silver Swan
17 Rock And Roll / Don't Let Your Love Go Wrong 2 audio iTunes Parlophone
18 Okay, America! - Alternate Takes And Rarities 14 audio iTunes 1986 Jass Records
19 1931-1935 18 audio iTunes 1992 Jazz Roots
20 It Don't Mean A Thing / St. Louis Blues 2 audio iTunes 1932 Columbia
21 Connie Boswell And The Boswell Sisters 14 audio iTunes 1973 Jazum
22 Alexander's Ragtime Band / Dinah 2 audio iTunes Parlophone
23 Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia / Mood Indigo 2 audio iTunes Rex

The Boswell Sisters were a close harmony singing group, consisting of sisters Martha Boswell, Connee Boswell (original name Connie), and Helvetia "Vet" Boswell, noted for intricate harmonies and rhythmic experimentation. They attained national prominence in the USA in the 1930s.

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