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Tubby Hall

Также известно как: Alfre "Tubby" Hall, Alfred "Tubby" Hall, Alfred (Tubby) Hall, Fred "Tubby" Hall, Fred 'Tubby' Hall, Fred “Tubby” Hall, T. Hall

Дискография Tubby Hall:

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Alfred "Tubby" Hall (12 October 1895 - 13 May 1945) was a jazz drummer. Hall was born in Sellers, Louisiana; his family moved to New Orleans in his childhood. His yonger brother Minor "Ram" Hall also became a professional drummer. He played in many marching bands in New Orleans, including with Buddie Petit. In March 1917 Tubby Hall moved to Chicago, Illinois, where he played with Sugar Johnny Smith. After two years in the United States Army, returned to playing in Chicago mostly with New Orleans bands, including the groups of King Oliver, Jimmie Noone, Tiny Parham, Johnny Dodds. For some years he played with Louis Armstrong, and is seen in Armstrong's movies of the early 1930s. Tubby Hall died in Chicago.

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