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Ralph Escudero

Rafael Escudero

Также известно как: Bob Escudero, R. Escudero, Ralph Escudiro, Raphael Escudero

Дискография Ralph Escudero:

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Not to be confused with [a=Bob Escudero], also tubist and bassist; [a=Rafi Escudero] also known as Rafael Escudero, composer. Puerto Rican tubist, later double bassist ((July 16, 1898, Manatí, Puerto Rico - April 10, 1970, Puerto Rico). He moved to New York City in 1920-21 where he played with a number of famous jazz musicians (as well as in Los Angeles) before returning to Puerto Rico in the 30s. Leaders and bands whom he played with include the New Amsterdam Musical Association, Wilbur Sweatman, Fletcher Henderson, William McKinney, Kaiser Marshall, the Savoy Bearcats, and W.C. Handy among others.

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