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Blind Blake

Arthur Blake

Также известно как: 'Blind' Arthur Blake, A. Blake, Arthur Blake, Arthur Phelps "Blind Blake", B. A. Blake, B. Blake, Blake, Blind Arthur Blake
Группа в интернете: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blind_Blake

Дискография Blind Blake:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Ragtime Guitar's Foremost Fingerpicker 23 audio iTunes 1990 Yazoo
2 Ragtime Guitar's Foremost Fingerpicker 28 audio iTunes 1984 Yazoo
3 1926-30 - Bootleg Rum Dum Blues 12 audio iTunes 1968 Biograph Records
4 Back Biting Bee Blues 17 audio iTunes 2009-09-00 Monk (4)
5 Archive Of Jazz Vol. 27 (Blind Blake Blues In Chicago) 14 audio iTunes 1970 BYG Records
6 Blind Blake & Papa Charlie Jackson 16 audio iTunes 1964 Collector's Classics
7 All The Published Sides 115 audio iTunes 2003 JSP Records
8 1926-32 Search Warrant Blues Volume Two 12 audio iTunes 1970 Biograph Records
9 1926-29 The Remaining Titles 18 audio iTunes 1984 Matchbox Records
10 The Best Of Blind Blake 23 audio iTunes 2000 Yazoo
11 The Legendary Blind Blake 10 audio iTunes 1958
12 That Will Happen No More 25 audio iTunes 2010
13 The Male Blues Vol. 3 4 audio iTunes 1959 Jazz Selection
14 The Vanished Bluesman In Richmond 13 audio iTunes Monk (4)
15 No Dough Blues 1926-29 (Volume 3) 12 audio iTunes 1971 Biograph Records
16 The Master Of Ragtime Guitar: The Essential Recordings Of Blind Blake 24 audio iTunes 1996 Indigo Recordings
17 That Lovin' I Crave 1926-1930 14 audio iTunes 1975 Biograph Records
18 Stonewall Street Blues / Too Tight 2 audio iTunes Paramount
19 Hard Road Blues / Sea Board Stomp 2 audio iTunes Paramount
20 Wabash Rag / You Gonna Quit Me Blues 2 audio iTunes Paramount
21 Goodbye Mama Moan / C. C. Pill Blues 2 audio iTunes Paramount
22 That Lonesome Rave 15 audio iTunes Monk (4)
23 Blind Blake Blues In Chicago 16 audio iTunes Riverside Records
24 Guitar And Vocal 14 audio iTunes 1968 Jazz Collector
25 Blues In Chicago 16 audio iTunes 1967 Riverside Records
26 "The Accompanist" 1926-1931 18 audio iTunes Wolf Records (2)
27 Blind Blake Blues In Chicago 16 audio iTunes Riverside Records
28 Blues In Chicago 16 audio iTunes Les Disques Pierre Cardin
29 Masters Of Country Blues Guitar 16 audio iTunes 1994
30 Ragtime Guitar's Foremost Fingerpicker 28 audio iTunes 1988 Yazoo

Born Arthur Blake, circa 1893, Jacksonville, Florida; died: December 1, 1934. Blind Blake recorded about 80 tracks for [l=Paramount Records] in the late 1920s and early 1930s. He was one of the most accomplished guitarists of his genre with a surprisingly diverse range of material. His complex and intricate fingerpicking has inspired [a=Rev. Gary Davis], [a=Jorma Kaukonen], [a=Ry Cooder], [a=Ralph McTell] and many others. He is most known for his distinct guitar sound that was comparable in sound and style to a ragtime piano. Very little is known about his life. His birthplace was listed as Jacksonville, Florida by Paramount Records but even that is in dispute. Nothing is known of his death. Even his name is not certain.

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