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Teddy Hill

Theodore Hill

Также известно как: Hill, T. Hill, Teddy Till

Дискография Teddy Hill:

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American saxophonist, band leader, and nightclub manager. b. December 9, 1909 (Birmingham, AL, USA) d. May 19, 1978 (Cleveland, OH, USA) Started out playing with George Howe ('27), [a=Luis Russell] ('28-29), and [a=James Price Johnson] ('32). From '32 he began to regularly lead his own band, which at times included sidemen such as [a=Leon "Chu" Berry], [a=Dizzy Gillespie], and [a=Frank Newton]. From 1940 he gave up leading to become manager of Minton's Playhouse, Harlem. He left there in 1969 to become manager of Club Baron, Harlem.

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