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Fred Robinson

Дискография Fred Robinson:

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American jazz trombonist.Not to be confused with the guitarist [a=Freddie Robinson]. Born : February 20, 1901 in Memphis, Tennessee. Died : April 11, 1984 in U.S.A.. Fred worked with Carroll Dickerson (1928), Kid Ory (1925-'27), Louis Armstrong (1927-1930), Edgar Hayes, Marion Hardy (1931), "Charlie Turner's Acadians", Don Redman (1931-'33), Benny Carter (1933), Fletcher Henderson (1935 , 1938 , 1939 & 1941), Jelly Roll Morton (1939), Andy Kirk (1939-'40), George James (1943), Cab Calloway (1944-'45), Sy Oliver (1946-'50), Noble Sissle (1950-'51) and others.

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