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Billy Mitchell

Willie Melvin Mitchell

Также известно как: Билли Митчелл, Mitchell, Willie Mitchell
Группа в интернете: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billy_Mitchell_%28jazz_musician%29

Дискография Billy Mitchell:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 This Is Billy Mitchell 8 audio iTunes 2003-06-10 Verve Records
2 De Lawd's Blues 5 audio iTunes 1980 Xanadu Records
3 Motor City Scene 4 audio iTunes 1959 La Voix De Son Maître
4 Just Waiting / Sophisticated Lady 2 audio iTunes 1963 Smash Records (4)
5 The Colossus Of Detroit 6 audio iTunes 1979 Xanadu Records
6 Motor City Scene 4 audio iTunes 1959 United Artists Records
7 Motor City Scene 4 audio iTunes 1959 United Artists Records
8 Motor City Scene 4 audio iTunes 1973 King Records
9 Night Song 7 audio iTunes 1963 Argo Records
10 Nothing But The Truth / Dirty Low Down Blues 2 audio iTunes 1962 Argo Records
11 Xanadu In Africa 5 audio iTunes 1981 Xanadu Records
12 Someday We'll All Be Free / Stand Up America 3 audio iTunes Optimism Incorporated
13 Snap Your Fingers 8 audio iTunes 1962 Argo Records
14 Bottomless Pit / The Rock And Roll Tango 2 audio iTunes Poplar Records
15 This Is Billy Mitchell 8 audio iTunes 1962 Smash Records (4)
16 Al Grey - Snap Your Fingers 4 audio iTunes Jazzville (2)

Billy Mitchell (born in Kansas City, Missouri, November 3, 1926, died Rockville Centre, NY, April 18, 2001) was an American jazz tenor saxophonist, and occasional actor. He was a driving force and major influence in the post WWII Detroit modern jazz explosion. He influenced and employed many local musicians who later went on to fame, including [a271154] and [a135885]. He is best known for his work with The [a253011] and The [a64694] big band of the 50's and 60's..... Mitchell and trombonist [a272655] left Basie in late 1961 and formed the Al Grey/Billy Mitchell Sextet, which won the Downbeat Award for best new jazz band of 1962! This band also officially introduced vibraphone future star [a29968]. Besides leaving and re-joining Basie's band several times in the 60's, Billy was an important figure on Long Island (his home) and Manhattan in the educational area of jazz; he was mentor and friend to Alto Saxophonist, [a349615], and LA trombonist/composer-arranger [a608578].

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