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Katie Webster

Kathryn Jewel Thorne

Также известно как: Katie Webster And Her Piano Keyboard Band, Webster

Дискография Katie Webster:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 The Swamp Boogie Queen 12 audio iTunes 1990 Alligator Records
2 No Foolin'! 10 audio iTunes 1991 Alligator Records
3 Trade Winds / Funkenstein 2 audio iTunes Goldband Records
4 Family Rules / Lied Lied Lied 2 audio iTunes Goldband Records
5 Love Is The Answer / Secret Of Love 2 audio iTunes Goldband Records
6 I Started Loving You Again / Love Bliss Voodoo 2 audio iTunes 1974 Goldband Records
7 The Swamp Boogie Queen 10 audio iTunes 1988 Alligator Records
8 I Know That's Alright 12 audio iTunes Arhoolie Records
9 Live And Well 14 audio iTunes 1992 Ornament
10 200% Joy! 13 audio iTunes Ornament
11 Katie Webster 20 audio iTunes 1989 Flyright Records
12 Whoo-Wee Sweet Daddy! 4 audio iTunes 1987 Swamp Boogie Records
13 You Can Dig It The Incomparable Katie Webster 10 audio iTunes Goldband Records
14 Pounds Of Blues 12 audio iTunes 1985 Charly R&B
15 Has The Blues 7 audio iTunes 1979 Goldband Records
16 200% Joy! 12 audio iTunes 1983 Ornament
17 My Sexy Red Negligee 8 audio iTunes
18 Whooee Sweet Daddy 12 audio iTunes 1977 Flyright Records
19 You Know That's Right 8 audio iTunes 1985 Arhoolie Records
20 Texas Boogie Queen - Live + Well 14 audio iTunes 1982 Ornament
21 Men Smart, Women Smarter 13 audio iTunes 1991 Ornament
22 Two-Fisted Mama! 11 audio iTunes 1989 Alligator Records
23 Hell Or High Water 2 audio iTunes Goldband Records
24 Never Let Me Go / My Dearest Darling 2 audio iTunes 1967 Abet
25 The Swamp Boogie Queen 10 audio iTunes 1988 Alligator Records

American blues pianist and singer. She was a session musician for producers [a=J.D. Miller] and [a=Eddie Shuler] before going on to record her own work and lead The Uptighters. In the mid-60s she performed with and opened for [a=Otis Redding]. While she mostly dropped out of music in the '70s, she made a comeback in the '80s. b. January 11, 1936 (Houston, TX, USA) d. September 5, 1999 (League City, TX, USA)

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