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Perry Geyer

Perry Geyer

Также известно как: Geyer, Perri Geyer, Perry Geyer From Boston
Группа в интернете: http://www.cybersoundmusic.com

Дискография Perry Geyer:

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Founder member of Manufacture and former head engineer of [l=Syncro Sound], Boston. Established his own [l=Cybersound (2)] Studios in May 1994. Besides Perry produces soundtracks for MTV, ESPN, Sony Playstation, WB, Disney, Bravo, Sci-Fi, CNN, Gillette, and Time Warner Cable, as well as feature films. He also created sound effects CD samplers "Electromagnetic Pulse", "Pulse Detonation", and "Sampleware". In addition, Perry has produced many projects for Japan's Giza Studio label, for the succesfull Japanese recording artist [a=Mai Kuraki]. Perry has also worked on projects with Sarah McLachlan, Jon Carin, Jordan Knight, LFO, Michael Africk, and NKOTB, among others.

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