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Adrian Acea

John Adriano Acea.

Также известно как: Adriano Acea, John Acea

Дискография Adrian Acea:

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American jazz pianist, trumpeter and saxophonist player. Born : September 11, 1917 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Died : July 25, 1963 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Rheumatic fever) Adriano began as trumpeter in Jimmy Gorham and Sammy Price's groups (end 1930s), also played tenor sax with Don Bagley, but he was mainly a pianist, with which it played with Eddie Davis, Cootie Williams, and (at Minton's) in the big bands of Dizzy Gillespie (1949-'50), Illinois Jacquet and Dinah Washington, again with Cootie Williams and Illinois Jacquet (1953 and in European tour in 1954). It was subsequently a musician freelance to New York City up to disappear from the musical scene. Recorded with : Dizzy Gillespie, Grant Green, Joe Holiday (saxophonist), James Moody, Don Wilkerson, Lou Donaldson, Leo Parker (and others).

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