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Bill Harris

Willard Palmer Harris.

Также известно как: B. Harris, Billy Harris, Билл Хэррис, Harris, Williard "Bill" Harris

Дискография Bill Harris:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 New Jazz Sounds 7 audio iTunes 1958 Norgran Records
2 Jazz Off The Air Volume 2 2 audio iTunes Vogue Coral
3 Jazz Moods 10 audio iTunes Hall Of Fame (3)
4 Woodchoppers' Ball 8 audio iTunes Premier Albums
5 The Modern Idiom 8 audio iTunes 1952 Capitol Records
6 Live In Stereo At Marion June 8,- 1957 13 audio iTunes 1991 Jazz Hour Compact Classics
7 Live At Peacock Lane Hollywood January 13 - 1958 10 audio iTunes 1991 Jazz Hour Compact Classics
8 Woodchoppers' Ball 8 audio iTunes 1957 Premier Albums
9 Bill Harris Collates 8 audio iTunes 1953 Clef Records
10 At Carnegie Hall 1946 Vol. II 8 audio iTunes MGM Records
11 First, Last & Only Live Concert From Kimball Hall, Otterburn 10 audio iTunes Big Chief-Jerollomo
12 The Modern Idiom 8 audio iTunes 1952
13 A Knight In The Village 5 audio iTunes Jazz Showcase
14 Bill Harris And Friends 7 audio iTunes Vocalion (3)
15 New Jazz Sounds 7 audio iTunes Verve Records
16 The Great Jamboree Jam Sessions 4 audio iTunes Jazz Greats (2)

American jazz trombonist. Born : October 28, 1916 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Died : August 21, 1973 in Hallandale, Florida. Early in his career, Harris performed with Benny Goodman, Charlie Barnet and Eddie Condon. He had a broad, thick tone and quick vibrato which remained for the duration of each tone. He went on to join Woody Herman's First Herd in 1944. He was also in the Four Brothers Second Herd during the late 1940s, and worked with Herman again in the 1950s. He then teamed up with Charlie Ventura, and later with Chubby Jackson. Together with Flip Phillips, he became a stalwart of Benny Goodman's group in 1959. He later worked in Las Vegas, and finally retired to Florida.

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