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Blind Boy Fuller

Fulton Allen

Также известно как: "Blind Boy Fuller" Fulton Allen, B. B. Fuller, Blind Boy Puller, Blindboy Fuller, Fuller

Дискография Blind Boy Fuller:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Step It Up And Go 2 audio iTunes 1940 Conqueror
2 Blind Boy Fuller With Sonny Terry And Bull City Red 14 audio iTunes Blues Classics
3 Worried Man Blues 39 audio iTunes History
4 Heart Ease Blues 20 audio iTunes 1996 Orbis
5 1935 - 1938 Shake That Shimmy 14 audio iTunes 1979 Magpie Records (2)
6 Truckin' My Blues Away 14 audio iTunes 1990 Yazoo
7 Bull City Blues 16 audio iTunes Aldabra Records
8 Carolina Blues 14 audio iTunes 1972 Flyright Records
9 East Coast Piedmont Style 20 audio iTunes 1991
10 On Down Vol. 1 14 audio iTunes 1974 Flyright Records
11 Blue And Worried Man 14 audio iTunes 1983 Travelin' Man
12 On Down 14 audio iTunes 1978 Magpie Records (2)
13 1909-1941 "Death Valley" 18 audio iTunes Oldie Blues
14 Country Blues 1935-1940 16 audio iTunes Philips
15 Blind Boy Fuller 1936-40 19 audio iTunes 1987 Old Tramp
16 New Louise Louise Blues / Snake Woman Blues 2 audio iTunes 1937-11-00 Melotone
17 Truckin' My Blues Away 14 audio iTunes 2012
18 Country Blues 1935-1940 16 audio iTunes Philips
19 1935-1940 20 audio iTunes 1990 Travelin' Man
20 Death Valley / Throw Your Yas Yas Back In Jail 4 audio iTunes 1937-12-00 Perfect (3)
21 Truckin' My Blues Away / Babe You Got To Do Better 4 audio iTunes Columbia
22 MCA Blues Tradition Series 14 audio iTunes 1976 MCA Records
23 Get Your Yas Yas Out: The Essential Recordings Of Blind Boy Fuller 22 audio iTunes 1996 Indigo Recordings
24 The Masters Of Country Blues Guitar 19 audio iTunes 1992

Born July 10, 1907, Allen was a prolific North Carolina blues guitarist and vocalist who recorded under the name Blind Boy Fuller, owing to blindness caused by retinal ulcers. A prime example of the Piedmont style, Fuller was one of the most popular blues performers of his time, particularly well known for his distinctive use of the resonator guitar and his upbeat, "hokum" numbers often featuring washboard performances by Bull City Red. Allen's career was cut short by his death from kidney failure and other complications on February 13, 1941.

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