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Paul Webster

Также известно как: P. Webster, Paul Francis Webster

Дискография Paul Webster:

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American jazz trumpeter . Born : August 24, 1909 in Kansas City, Missouri. Died : May 06, 1966 in New York City, New York. [b] For the writer of numerous songs, use [a=Paul Francis Webster][/b] Paul worked with George E. Lee (1927), Bennie Moten (1927-'28), Tommy Douglas, Eli Rice, Jimmie Lunceford (1931 and 1935-1944, Cab Calloway (1948-'49), Charlie Barnet (1946-'47 and 1952-'53), Sy Oliver (1947), Ed Wilcox (1948-'49), Count Basie (1950), Pérez Prado and many others.

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